Internationalization of Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Over the years the firm has advised numerous international corporate and individual clients operating in different sectors. It is our goal to follow each client with great care, paying attention to their specific needs and advising them on the most appropriate economic, administrative and legal solutions to ensure successful business operations in a complex country such as Italy.

To better serve its clients with their expansion in international markets, the firm collaborates with professionals around the world through its specialized contacts in IPG International Practice Group, an international association of tax accountants, auditors, lawyers and other professionals in the fields of Corporate Finance, Trusts and M&As, of which the Firm has been a member since 1996.

The IPG association aims to create a network of relationships among professionals working in diverse but complementary fields in order to provide a wide range of consulting services among its members.

SME business that wish to expand their horizons beyond national borders can benefit from this high-profile global support, which enables them to grapple with new operational and regulatory realities that are often difficult to understand.

Taking part in bi-annual conferences around the world has enabled the firm to develop friendships and relationships built on trust and respect with other professionals in the network, providing useful connections for its clients as well.

In 2018 Lisa Rosen was appointed to the IPG’s Board of Directors, as its “Head of Accountancy,” responsible for the recruitment into the network of accountants and tax professionals from around the world.